Henan Province SASAC visit Henan Liba Group, Inspection and Research


Henan Province SASAC visit Henan Liba Group, Inspection and Research

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Henan Province, the SASAC leadership and his party came to Henan Luba Hydraulic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. research, accompanied by the chairman Yang total reception, walk through the production line channel field inspection, asked in detail about the production and operation of new enterprises and other construction progress.

 In the office, Yang first report to the SASAC leadership system to force the Group to actively promote the reform and development of the basic situation. In accordance with the "overall planning, scientific advancement, continuous reform, innovation and development" ideas and layout, speed up the pace of reform and restructuring, the use of government support, Ruzhou City Industrial Agglomeration area investment in the construction of new factories and workshops, and completed the relocation.

    In recent years, the development of Henan Ruler achievements for all to see, the leadership of the research hope that the European R & D companies to further enhance the quality and sense of responsibility, adhere to the "safety first, quality first, the responsibility of the first" to quality of survival, to promote norms ; At the same time to combine their own reality, innovative products, seize the development opportunities, and constantly bigger and stronger special car industry, better service to the city's economic and social development.

    The main project includes the production of hydraulic hose, hydraulic cylinder, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer, semi-trailer , Mine hydraulic prop production and maintenance; three construction projects mainly produced self-propelled double-cycle drilling special vehicles, agricultural machinery and equipment. At present, Henan Li Pa Group has completed a project construction, and has been put into production. Is planning to implement the second phase of the project. After the completion of the project put into operation, the annual sales income of 569 million yuan, profits and taxes 132 million yuan.

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